Things To Do Outdoors

Riding a Bike Without Using Your Hands:


I actually don’t know how I do it, but I have to tell

you to use your legs on the bike seat to steer

and that if you MUST be going fast for the front

tire to be straight. If you are not going fast enough,

the front tire will start to wobble. If you need to turn

(not a very sharp turn), just lightly lean the direction

you want to go.


Ride a Bike Into a Lake:


It’s actually more fun than you would think! Just

find a pond or a lake and ride your bike into it! I would

advise that you use a smaller bike that you don’t use.

If the water is pretty deep, you should tie a rope to it so

you can pull it back up.


Tricks On a Po-Go Stick:



One handed Po-Go sticking. It’s pretty easy.

You just lift up one hand while you hold onto the Po-Go stick

with the other



No handed Po-Go sticking. It might sound hard, but it isn’t.

You’re thinking, ‘How would I stay on the Po-Go stick if I’m not

holding on to anything?’ You really will be holding onto the stick

with your knees! It takes some practice and you won’t be jumping

very high, but you’ll get it!



One legged Po-Go sticking!

Use one leg to jump and lean with it.

(short on details)



Po-Go sticking….with the stick behind you!

It’s just like real Po-Go sticking, but you put

it behind you and jump!







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